Our Mission

To work for the children whose skin doesn't work.

We aim to bring together a critical mass of scientists, healthcare professionals and parents to improve the quality of life of children with major skin diseases. This includes severe, disabling skin conditions that result in wounds and scars, and that cause a significant reduction in the quality of life of patients and families. We are particularly focused on Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) which causes repeated wounds and constant pain.

Our Children and their Skin

Children are our future. In Hong Kong, our children are generally very well cared for. There is however a very special group of children who remain marginalized and experience major quality of life issues due to serious conditions affecting their skin.

Although the skin appears to be a simple structure, it is, in fact, biologically complex and serves multiple functions. Skin provides protection, regulates our body temperature, and helps maintain our water and electrolyte balance. Few appreciate the true wonder of the skin until it is not functioning. When normal skin is damaged it can heal but the result is inevitably scarring which in some cases can cause deformity and disability, and the resultant psychological distress can be severe.

When the form and function of the skin is severely compromised, patients suffer and endure a very poor quality of life. The management of such severe skin dysfunction in children is a particularly challenging aspect of modern medicine, and calls upon the skills and expertise of a multidisciplinary team, comprising not only healthcare professionals but also research scientists.

Holistic Support

The centre will provide holistic family support including: Financial assistance for direct carers of suffering ...
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Whilst the direct beneficiaries of the foundation will be the children of Hong Kong, evidence based medicine ...Read More

The Foundation

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